Emerson Productions
What Is Emerson Productions?

Emerson Productions is Emerson College's center for video work. We provide turnkey production services ranging from single and multi-camera videotaping to post-production and duplication. As a public service to the community, the production unit provides creative and video production services to Emerson alumni, groups related to Emerson, and non-profit community organizations.


Emerson Productions regularly covers major College events including dedications of new facilities, tributes, commencement exercises, and lectures by visiting artists and performers. We also take on modest projects for nonprofit organizations. We offer our facilities to our professional colleagues in video, film, audio, new media, radio, TV, and cable.

Demo Reel

View our demo reel:


Emerson Productions
Emerson Television, Radio & Film Production
120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

Eric Fox, Assistant Production Manager
617.824.8348 eric_fox@emerson.edu

Jane Pikor, Director
617.824.8936 jane_pikor@emerson.edu